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100% Natural
Gluten Free


4.8 ★★★★★

Crafted for the Mavericks and Trendsetters

We've harnessed this unique method to bring you a drink that's as flavorful and refreshing as the age-old hot brew method.

Skeptics prepare to be converted!

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Get Your Brew On – The Cane Brew Way

Grab a bag, steep in cool water, and savor the bold, sweet revolution in every glass!

You will be amazed at how EASY it is to make a pitcher of sweet tea catered to your specific taste profile.

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Premium Quality, Surprisingly Affordable

Indulge in a high-quality, delicious brew that doesn’t break the bank.

Cane Brew™ uses only the best ingredients to brew a familiar, rich and traditional sweet tea.

There's no artificial ingredients, colors, sweeteners, preservatives or gluten - NOTHING but our cane sugar, Pekoe cut black tea and Pekoe tea extract.

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Choose Your Sweetness – Just How You Like It

Whether you like your tea lightly sweetened or with a bold, sweet kick, Cane Brew™ caters to your taste.

Our carefully crafted blend ensures that each sip is a perfect balance of tea's natural robustness and the smooth, comforting sweetness of cane sugar.

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3 Easy Steps to Delicious Sweet Tea

Sweet Tea Never Tasted this Good